Eagle Locks

Eagle Locks is the solid door hardware brand for consumers and business. Robust and mechanical in terms of technology, safe, thoughtful and aesthetically designed. Eagle Locks is reliable and protected what is dear to you. Smart, Solid, Safe.


Under the brand name Maasland we distribute a wide range of products like electric locks, electro magnetic locks, access control systems and door hardware.

Flexios is a total concept to detect, identify and monitor. The system works on one platform and consists:
- Flexios Access Control
- Flexios Indoor Localization
- Flexios Wander Detection
- Flexios Bed Detection
- Flexios Home Automation

The flexible solution for all your doors, indoor or outdoor. Currently we have:
- Flexess Aero
- Flexess Terra
- Flexess Aqua

- Flexess Pebble

Flexeria is a total solution to open or lock doors with your mobile phone. This solution consists of a motorcylinder, electric rim lock, central entrance module and a management platform.

Flexess Aero

An electronic lock with keypad and integrated Mifare® cardreader that can be easily mounted on mechanical locks.

Flexess Pebble

An IP68 waterproof Mifare® reader for outdoor installation.


An IP68 waterproof keypad with integrated Mifare® reader for outdoor installation.


A keypad with integrated Mifare® reader for indoor installation.